Bloody Bulgarians


Snatching Stephen Mangan`s Twitter for a title, I couldn`t help responding to the latest Why-would-we`d-wanted-more-imigrants  trend in the UK with anything but making fun of it. The not being in the same league Romanians and Bulgarians are now free to visit UK. I can`t say that`s exactly a massive news, considering the long history of immigration United Kingdom has had. The anyway hospitable British cauldron full of international soup, keeps filling up with new species. Adding a pinch of salt on would hardly change much. Bulgarians especially are fairly small nation – eight or so millions. If reproducing the nation will not take over soon, we all might enjoy the last exhibits of that nation, not to mention how much their own Sotheby`s price would soar.

From the other hand both countries have a good supply of certified Romani, some of which are shown on the telly as a nine days` wonder when get in university. There is no one to blame for that. You can`t choose prenatally which collection of eggs to join, so nature wings it. As is always the way and even you try to hide it, it is your culture that would give you away. ” You need to have at least two children, because one of them may go to prison” – is a part of that folklore. And another naughty one – “When you counterfeit banknotes at home, do both sides because you can`t fob intelligent people off  with those” is actually a very sensible idea.

How can you not have some of that?